What to Expect During a Divorce – Written by Mary Stearns-Montgomery

Just as no two divorces are alike, no two divorce proceedings are alike. Most people know someone who has gone through a divorce or has heard about someone else’s experience but going through one yourself is a different experience. Here are four basic guidelines of what you might be able to expect while going through a divorce.

  • Stay realistic– During a divorce it is likely the outcome is not going to be exactly the way you might wish. It is important to understand you might have to make compromises during the process and keep a realistic expectation of the best-case scenario so you are not disappointed in the end.
  • Division of assets– Division of assets is common during a divorce proceeding. Think before hand about what is important to you and what you would like to keep to help the process run smoother. Make sure you have any necessary paperwork collected and filled out before handling division of assets.
  • Child custody battle– If possible it is best for you to talk with your ex spouse and try to work out a custody arrangement first. If an agreement can not be made the judge will ultimately decide the custody arrangement. If this is the case be prepared to be able to prove to the court why you are the best parent for your child.
  • Change in lifestyle– During and after a divorce it is common that your financial status is going to change at some point. You are no longer sharing an income with your ex spouse you are now the sole provider for yourself and any children involved. It is important to understand such changes are going to take place in order to financially prepare for your divorce.

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