Which Parent Will Your Children Live With Post-Divorce?

The process of a divorce is stressful and life-altering. If you have children, then you must consider what arrangements will be made for them post-divorce. A common point of contention is which parent the children will live with after everything is finalized. Although children with divorced parents live with their mother, according to Newsweek, an arrangement can be made for custom accommodations. Most parents agree amicably, but occasionally the courts are involved in settling child arrangements. If it comes to a court case, then you might need divorce assistance from an attorney to help get you through this stressful event.

A Split Agreement

In many cases, parents who are going through a separation can sit down with a mediator and come to an agreement for their children amicably. This method is an ideal option for everyone involved. A divorce assistance attorney can help you sit down and come up with some sort of arrangement that will best benefit your children after a divorce. It’s easiest to avoid having to take legal steps to finalize an agreement for your children’s living situation. If you cannot come up with a solution through mediation, you can take legal action to finalize this decision.

The Child’s Needs and Wants

If an agreement isn’t made between both parties without the court’s help, then the court will decide based on the children’s needs. Every case is different, so it’s difficult to say which parent a child will live with. It comes down to a welfare list the court must go through to help them decide what is right decision. They will consider the child’s needs, what the child wants, how any major changes would affect the child, how the child’s age, sex, and other variables would affect their individual needs, and how capable each parent is of meeting them. Once all factors are carefully considered, the court will decide on an appropriate arrangement.

Going through a divorce instigates change in every family member. Not only will you have to navigate the process of separating your spouse, but you need to consider your children’s needs every step of the way. This process can be taxing, but you don’t need to go through it alone. If you require divorce assistance, then reach out to a family lawyer at our law firm today to schedule a consultation.