Why Divorce Mediators Could Be the Best Option in 2023

As more people hope to dissolve their marriages in an amicable fashion, divorce mediators are becoming more popular to help streamline the process. According to, mediation is used by 93% of divorcing parents. The stakes are incredibly high when the process involves young children. When parents are able to put their differences aside, mediation will generally be the preferred option. Let’s take a closer look at a few reasons why.

Greater Control Over the Process

Divorce is a lot more complicated when children are involved. You are putting the fate and future of your family in a judge’s hands, and it can be too much for some parents to consider. Working with a mediator allows you to avoid a situation when the legal system is dictating terms to you and your family. Mediation actively involves all parties, and it aims to find a solution that works for everyone without involving the court.

Cost-Effectiveness Compared to Court Proceedings

The cost of divorce can be high when there are custodial and financial agreements to work through. Mediation is a lot less expensive and a lot less time-consuming, too. If you and your divorcing partner are able to get along well enough to put the needs of your children first, then mediation can be a fairly quick process. Even if you’re not sure about your comfort level with this option, it’s worth your time and effort to at least consider it as a possibility before going to court.

Streamlined Process

Since you’re meeting with just one person, the process is a lot quicker than a typical divorce. Going to court takes time, and most appearances are scheduled well into the future. Choosing to meet with a mediator will allow you to finalize your divorce and move on with your life in a timely manner. The longer a divorce process drags on, the more damaging it can be to the lives of your children. If you’re able to resolve your differences through mediation, then it’s almost always the preferred option.

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