5 Tips For Working With A Divorce Mediator

Divorce is a tough process for anyone to have to go through. Working with a mediator can help you get what you want from the ordeal, but you need to be prepared in order to get the best outcome possible. Here are five tips for working with a divorce mediator.

Be Willing To Compromise

When couples decide to get divorced, it can stir up many bad feelings and create a sense of wanting to get even or win at any cost. This can work against you, especially if children are involved. Even though the divorce rate for couples with children is 40% lower than those who don’t have children, it doesn’t make it any less messy. You will need to be willing to take a hard look at the bigger picture and be willing to compromise if you want to reach an agreement. Otherwise, you will create even more stress and problems in the future.

Control Your Emotions

Emotions can be highly unproductive when working with a divorce mediator to negotiate a settlement agreement. If you let your emotions get out of control, you can escalate the process into litigation. This will only cost you more time, money, and undue stress.

Prepare A Financial List

Before using divorce mediation services, it’s a good idea to make a list of everything you and your spouse own along with any debts you have together. Collect information about your bank accounts, credit cards, personal property, vehicles, real estate, and other accounts you jointly own. You will be asked for this information anyway during your mediation session. It’s also a good idea to know everything you have so you can develop a strategy for negotiation in order to get what you want.

Decide On Your Highest Priorities

During divorce mediation, you’ll need to decide what priorities are the most important to you. Is child support more important for your situation than alimony? What schedule will work best for visitations? Knowing what is most important to you in the divorce settlement will help you with making compromises on things that are less important.

Write Down Concerns

It’s a good idea to write down any concerns you have in advance so you don’t forget them during your mediation sessions. Are you worried about who will pay for daycare costs? Do your children have special medical needs? Having a list will make sure you address these concerns while having your divorce mediated.

Working with a divorce mediator can save you time and money when divorcing your spouse. Look for reputable divorce mediators in your area that have plenty of experience working with couples in similar situations as yours. By being prepared, you can make your divorce process much smoother so you can both move on with your lives as quickly as possible.