Cases that a Family Mediator in Chicago IL Can Help Resolve – by Brian James

A family mediator in Chicago Illinois can help settle a number of cases.  The key ingredient for any successful mediation is the parties’ willingness to fully engage in the process.  Family mediators in Chicago Illinois often help resolve the following types of cases:


Divorce often deals with a number of issues, including property division, the restructuring of a family business, child support, spousal support and other issues in addition to parenting time and holidays.  Successful family mediators are able to help clients amicably resolve their issues by learning new methods of communicating and dealing with conflict.  This process often helps the couple acquire the skills necessary to help them resolve issues that may arise in the future.

Child Custody

Parents who do not wish to subject their family to a heated and contentious court battle may go through mediation to make decisions related to child custody.  This may occur during a divorce, after a divorce or after a separation involving an unmarried couple.  By participating in the mediation process, the parents can often create a settlement agreement that works better for their family than any judge might have ordered with generic terms and conditions.  Child custody mediation can often provide for changes in the plan as the children develop and grow older, providing greater flexibility.  It can also help create a clear plan for how the couple will parent the children together while apart.

Grandparent Visitation

In many cases, grandparents or other extended family members may have developed a strong bond with a child but may have seen less and less of him or her after the parents’ divorce or separation.  Mediation provides an opportunity for both parties to demonstrate empathy and recognize the roles that various people play in a child’s life, often enabling them to reach a solution outside of court.