Ways of Effectively Handling an Employment Dispute in Chicago IL – by Brian James

When employers and employees confront a legal issue, one or both of the parties may believe that a drawn-out court battle is the only way to resolve the employment dispute in Chicago Illinois.  However, this is not the case.  At an increasingly greater rate, employment disputes in Chicago Illinois are resolved through the non-adversarial process

Benefits of Mediating Landlord/Tenant Disputes in Chicago IL – by Brian James

Landlord/tenant disputes in Chicago Illinois are quite common, often landing both parties in a lengthy and contentious court battle.  Landlord/tenant disputes in Chicago Illinois may arise for a variety of reasons, including allegations of lease violations, non-payment of rent, issues concerning unreturned security deposits and problems that concern the enjoyment or living situation that have

Cases that a Family Mediator in Chicago IL Can Help Resolve – by Brian James

A family mediator in Chicago Illinois can help settle a number of cases.  The key ingredient for any successful mediation is the parties’ willingness to fully engage in the process.  Family mediators in Chicago Illinois often help resolve the following types of cases: Divorce Divorce often deals with a number of issues, including property division,

As more seniors seek ‘grey divorce,’ reconsider your retirement plans – written by Linda Nguyen

During a nearly two-decades long career, financial planner Debbie Hartzman has doled out her share of savvy money advice to clients going through divorce. What may be surprising is that in the last few years she’s been seeing more and more clients in their 60s, 70s or even 80s. According to Statistics Canada, the phenomenon

Warning: Don’t Let Friends, Family or Non-Divorce Professionals Give You Divorce Advice – Written by Jeff Landers

Typically, all a woman has to do is simply mention the word “divorce,” and it’s as though she has flung open the floodgates. Friends, family, colleagues . . . Everyone wants to share their experiences, offer opinions and give advice. Women tell me they hear it all. There’s the neighbor who claims she hired the

Common Divorce Mistakes… and How to Avoid Them – Written by Mary Stearns-Montgomery, Family Law Attorney

Divorce is, by nature, complicated. You’ve spent years building your marriage and entangling your life with the person you’re sitting across the table from. Untangling your assets (and your emotions) takes time too. A family law attorney spends years studying the intricacies of divorce, which explains why divorce is overwhelming to most people. There are

Dividing the Assets in Your Divorce: When Money and Emotions Overlap – DR. DEBORAH HECKER

Money is a core concern of any divorce experience.  Most people think of money in terms of dollars and cents and making the “right” financial choices.  However, money is a much more complex part of our lives and has the power to trigger potent subjective emotions in everyone.  Money symbolizes different things to different people