Divorce Mediation

4 Benefits of Divorce Mediation Service

Divorce should be the last solution for a couple in discord. Sadly, a divorce happens every 36 seconds. Going through a divorce is emotionally and financially draining. A high conflict divorce may result in stress, depression, and anxiety. However, a divorce mediation service can help a couple divorce less acrimoniously. Why Choose Divorce Mediation Service?

The Disconnect and Uncertainty of Divorce During the Pandemic and How Mediation Can Help

By Ellen Barron Feldman (efeldman@celandassociates.com) As a mediator and a collaborative attorney, I have been doing co-mediation exclusively by zoom since March 2020. The context is unsettling at best.  Couples are together in their homes, trying to home-school their children, wondering if they will be losing their jobs or able to pay the mortgage, not

Child Custody Mediation and Its Benefits

Children keep many marriages together. Couples with children separate and divorce at a rate 40% lower than that of married couples with no children. But marriages, globally, have about a 50% chance of enduring, according to research on the subject. What happens if a marriage ends and there are children involved is not as clear