How Common Is Divorce Today?

Despite the general perception of divorce being a rarity, divorcing your spouse is actually fairly common. While divorce can be emotionally challenging, more people go through this on a regular basis than many people realize. But just how common is divorce, and what impacts your odds of your marriage ending in divorce? Read on to learn more about what might be affecting your chances of seeking divorce.

Modern Divorce Rates Consistently High

While many people believe that divorce is uncommon, this is far from the case; research shows that roughly half of all marriages today end in divorce. Divorce is more common today than it has been historically, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. A higher divorce rate actually may be a positive, as it means fewer people are staying in unhealthy or unhappy marriages. Additionally, not all of these divorces are unhappy ones. Many people make use of divorce mediation services to help their divorces be more amicable and agreeable for everyone involved.

Factors That Impact Divorce Chances

There are certain characteristics that might make you more likely to find yourself in the marriage that ends in divorce. If you and your spouse have children, statistically you’re less likely to seek divorce, as children often complicated divorce proceedings. However, this doesn’t mean that having children keeps you entirely from divorcing your spouse. Family mediation services can help in divorce situations where children are involved.

Additionally, many social factors can impact your chances of divorce. Higher education may increase your odds of a healthy, long-lasting marriage. If you’ve attended college, for example, your risk of divorce decreases by 13%. Other factors are involved in predicting your divorce risk as well; everything from your income, family history, and age can be factors in predicting your chances of divorce.

Estimating your risk of divorce, however, ultimately is determined by your individual situation and your relationship with your spouse. If you’re looking for more information on your chances of divorce or how to make a divorce go more smoothly, contact C.E.L. and Associates. C.E.L. and Associates offers divorce mediation services to help you through divorcing your spouse, as well as family and workplace mediation services.