Tips For Evaluating Divorce Mediation Services

According to researchers, marriages typically have a 50% of lasting. If you’re in a position where divorce is inevitable but you can’t afford to hire a divorce lawyer, mediation is an ideal option. How do you choose one that is best for you? Here are tips for evaluating divorce mediation services.

Background And Experience

When choosing divorce mediation services, you will want to evaluate the background and experience of the divorce mediator carefully. Divorce mediators are not required to get licenses or certifications. You’ll want to choose someone who has plenty of experience. The mediator should have a complete understanding of family law and know how to draft and submit the necessary court forms properly.

Get recommendations from people you trust and check online reviews for any mediators you are considering. Set up an initial meeting and ask about real-life experiences the mediator had with past clients. Find out how much training they received in order to become a mediator. Get references and follow through by calling up the past clients and getting their opinion about the service they received.

Mediation Style

There are three main styles when it comes to mediating a divorce. You should consider choosing the one you feel most comfortable with in order to get the divorce help you need. Facilitative mediators focus on the process while allowing the clients to control the outcome. They take a therapeutic approach by asking questions such as “How do you feel about that?”.

Evaluative mediators give advice to both parties and predict how things will happen during court. Their approach is to guide both parties into making decisions. Transformative mediators work on helping both parties deal with each other on a longer-term basis. This can be ideal for couples with children. These mediators help their clients learn how to resolve conflicts with one another so they can work together to make decisions that are best for their family.

The divorce process can be painful, but divorce mediation services can help make things a bit easier. It can help you settle your differences with your ex-spouse so you can both move on to a better life. There are many things that you will need to consider when parting ways with your spouse, so make sure you do things right by getting divorce counsel from a reputable source.