Divorce Mediation

Divorce Mediation FAQ: What You Need To Know About Mediating Your Divorce

Divorcing your spouse can be a complicated and emotional process, but it’s certainly not uncommon. More couples are divorcing today than ever and the percentage continues to climb. This means more people everywhere are having new questions about the processes involved in filing for divorce. Luckily, some of the most common questions about divorce and

What Is Divorce Mediation, And Can It Help You?

Divorcing your significant other, while often emotionally difficult, is surprisingly common nowadays. Roughly half of all marriages end in divorce; if you’re struggling with a separation currently, you’re in good company. The frequency of divorce in today’s society has increased the overall need for divorce mediation services. But what is divorce mediation, and who can

Divorce Law and Mediation: Terminology to Know

If you’re going through a divorce, you likely already know how confusing and emotional of a process it can be. Divorce advice and legal terminology can be especially hard to keep up with as you process your case and complete your separation.   To help demystify divorce and separation, use the following list of terminologies.

Is Divorce Mediation Right For Me?

Though couples going through a divorce might feel that a hiring a lawyer is required, this is not always the case. In some scenarios, having your divorce mediated can be an effective alternative. Many couples choose mediation to avoid legal entanglements and high expenses since the cost of a U.S. divorce varies from $15,000 to

What Divorce Mediators CAN’T Do For You

Mediating a divorce is a delicate process. You have two parties that may or may not be hostile to each other, and you’re trying to get them to communicate and come to mutual conclusions. Still, divorce mediation services have helped many divorcing couples and families come to agreeable conclusions and feel empowered. Should you mediate

What Is Discernment Counseling?

Discernment counseling is a new form of couples counseling that is designed specifically for couples who are experiencing trouble. When one member of the couple feel they need a divorce and the other thinks they can work it out often traditional marriage counseling isn’t enough. Most couples in this situation who go through full-scale marriage

Mediation 101: What Is It?

You may have heard the term “mediation” before, and you may have wondered how it intersects with law and how it can be helpful for you. Welcome to Mediation 101. How Is Mediation Defined? Mediation is a concept that’s part of “alternative dispute resolution” strategies, or ADR. ADR strategies are a way for two disputing

FAQ: Child Custody and Support For Divorced Parents

Completing a divorce process with children is difficult. It often calls for a whole separate parental agreement concerning finances, responsibilities, and custody. Your divorce mediation process should include a generous amount of time dedicated to understanding and recording your mutual agreements about family mediation and childcare post-divorce, but here are three frequently asked questions for