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What Are My Options to Handle an Employment Dispute in Cook County, Illinois?

If an employment dispute in Cook County, Illinois arises, there may be several ways that the problem can be resolved through the legal system.  Each of these options has advantages while some have significant disadvantages.  The three main options available to resolve an employment dispute in Cook County, Illinois include: Litigation  Litigation is the process

What Kinds of Solutions May Mediation Result in for Landlord/Tenant Disputes in Cook County, Illinois?

It is not uncommon for legal landlord/tenant disputes in Cook County, Illinois to arise.  The parties may have conflict regarding late rent payments, guests, upkeep, maintenance or other issues.  Mediation is an effective way for the parties to resolve this conflict in an amicable fashion.  Mediation can often help deliver creative solutions to resolve landlord/tenant

Don’ts of Creating Chicago Prenuptial Agreements

Chicago prenuptial agreements help to safeguard a person’s assets and legal interests.  They are effective tools in protecting assets acquired before a marriage and preventing a spouse from accumulating the other’s debt during marriage.  Some guiding principles of Chicago prenuptial agreements and what not to do include the following: Do Not Discuss Parenting Time (Not

Issues that a Family Mediator in Chicago can Tackle

Experienced family mediators in Chicago can help resolve a variety of family law issues.  Some of the common legal problems that family mediators in Chicago tackle include: Allocation of Parenting Responsibilities  One of the most significant benefits of family mediation is the ability for the parties to reach their own agreement.  This allows them to

Creative Solutions to Resolving Employment Disputes in Chicago

Employment disputes in Chicago often arise because of communication problems.   A worker may feel that he or she was mistreated or that the employer failed to protect him or her.   Mediation allows the parties to resolve the legal issues out of court in a non-confrontational setting.   A significant benefit of mediating employment disputes in Chicago

Process of Mediating Landlord/Tenant Disputes in Chicago

Mediating a landlord/tenant dispute in Chicago helps minimize the money and time spent to resolve a legal issue.   These disputes can flood the court system and take significant time to resolve through litigation.   In mediation, the mediator facilitates communication to work toward a mutually satisfactory resolution of the case.   Parties involved in mediating a landlord/tenant

Issues that can be Successfully Settled through Family Mediation in Chicago

Family mediation in Chicago can successfully resolve issues typically involved in divorce.   Some of the issues that we have successfully resolved in family mediation in Chicago include: Property Division Spouses may not initially agree on how to divide their property or how to handle larger assets such as the family home.   A family mediator can